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10 things that will help you stay smartphone insane

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if you find yourself stuck with your head inside your screen day and night, you should try these great tips that will make your life more...real.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, do anything you can that will keep you away from your phone. go to the bathroom, make coffee/tea, look at the window. your phone/tablet will be there after that, trust me!

  2. Use an alarm clock that is not you mobile phone. no apps no shmapps. use the cheapest clock you can get.

  3. going to the bathroom? your mobile stays out! use these minutes to think about life (not work, life).

  4. when you're eating - eat. look at your partner's eyes. talk. leave your phone away from the table. it's rude and annoying.

  5. when you're watching tv and your mobile is blinking for attention - flip it over. he is not the boss of you and you will look later on when you'll finish watching tv.

  6. unless you are a doctor that can save lives - silence your phone at night. trust me,the world won't collapse.

  7. your phone is ringing? first silence it. then look at the number and think if you want to answer this call.

  8. it's ok(!) not to answer calls right away (!!!).

  9. lower the volume of your ringer for about an half. it won't distract you 50% of your time that way.

  10. from time to time, pause everything you do - and look and listen to your surroundings. just listen and watch. don't take a photo, don't record a video.

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