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4 clever ways to deal with bullies

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No one has the right to make you feel physically or emotionally intimidated, and yet some people out there feel the need to try. This can be in person or over the Internet. here are 4 smart methods to deal with those who try to hurt you.

Bullies can make you feel nervous and anxious, as well as scared and lonely for a long time, and unfortunately it has been going on for years. The benefit of this is that we now know a lot of different ways of dealing with bullies that can make you feel better!

1. Tell Someone About The Bully

It can be very scary to talk to someone about being bullied, especially if the bully has told you not to and threatened you if you dare! But this is very important both for physical and verbal acts of bullying. Whoever you talk to is also likely to look for ways to deal with the bully without letting the bully know who told. Your protection will always be the most important thing.

If the bullying continues after the bully has been told off, continue to let someone know every time they hurt you. Bullies who continue to repeat their actions can lose their place in a school or workplace.

2. Try to Understand the Bully

Often the last thing you want to do is think about the person bullying you, but sitting down with a friend, parent or teacher to discuss why they might be acting in a mean way towards you can help. Some reasons that people bully others is because they are jealous, or they want to become more popular by looking tough. Some bullies are even bullied themselves or may have big problems at home.

Whilst understanding the bully may not stop his or her actions straight away, it can help you to ignore the way they are making you feel inside.

3. Spend Time With Good Friends and Family

When you\'re being bullied there is one crucial step to take to rise above the pain and that is to recognise that the bully doesn\'t know you. Spending time with those who do know you, and still want to be around you, can build your confidence.

4. Find Support in Others

Knowing that others have been, or are being, bullied reminds you that you are not being singled out and that the problem is with the bully and not with you as an individual. There are many support groups available where you can help others with your experience and let them help you. Don\'t be afraid to reach out for help; it is not weakness but can only make you stronger.

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