the thoughts room

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this is part of the quiet place project which is a project of only one man who want to change the world.

my name is amitay tweeto. this is my twitter and this is my google+ page. music is called one day In august, composed by marc teichert. came from here.

the quiet place project is proud to present:, the thoughts room., communication with the thoughts room will be operated via [spacebar] key.(gently squeeze that key, now.), in order to get the full experience, please silence your phone(s) and turn on your speakers.(again, [spacebar] to carry on.), welcome to the thoughts room., so..., chose quiet., but what can you do in your quiet place?, what can you do with all of these thoughts that are just..., ...overloading your brain?, well, look up there. this is your thoughts box., it acts just like the status box you are familiar with from your favorite social network., really, type something into the box and press the [enter] key., very good ;), in a few seconds, your thoughts box will be laid in front of you again., and I want you to pour all your burdens and heart-aches into it., don't worry. no one will be able to view, comment on, or judge you on your thoughts., in fact, your thoughts will disappear by literally bursting into thousands of stars so you can finally find some rest.(i swear, just watch the screen while you type), are you ready?, here we go :)